About Us

Our mission statement is our commitment to our clients, and it truly sets us apart from our competitors.
Our goal is to simplify the lives of our customers.
We understand that our customers are set apart by having the highest standards of quality and service. The facilities they manage are expected to be hygienic and environmentally sound.
We at CleanTak, promise to be a full partner in helping you meet and exceed these expectations.
We work under an occupational health and safety plan in accordance with the National Safety Regulations to prevent any injuries and maintain a safe work environment.

Our cleaners are trusted for their professional and reliable services. All CleanTak employees are thoroughly screened with background checks to ensure the highest quality of standard is maintained.
Our cleaners come fully equipped with cleaning materials and supplies for a hustle free service.
We pride ourselves in quality services to achieve the highest standard of clean for you.


Why People Choose Us?

  • While maintaining a clean environment is important, it is also vital to keep up standard hygiene requirements.
  • All CleanTak employees are highly skilled, trained and experienced to deliver quality services in cleaning that meet your expectations.
  • Want to know more? Book an appointment and let us take care of your cleaning requirements hustle free.